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Identity and identification: Proceedings of The 14th International ‘Culture and Power’ Conference

Ángel Mateos-Aparicio Martín-Albo

Eduardo de Gregorio Godeo

ISBN: 978-84-9044-272-2 Ed. impresa
ISBN: 978-84-9044-273-9 Ed. digital

Materia: Identidad cultural, congresos y asambleas

Editorial: Ediciones de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.
Año de edición: 2017
Número de páginas: 240

Resumen: The present volume includes the Proceedings of The 14 th International ‘Culture and Power’ Conference, organized by the University of Castilla-La Mancha and held in Ciudad Real, Spain, between 22 and 24 March, 2010 under the auspices of The Iberian Association for Cultural Studies (IBACS). The collection incorporates a selection of the papers presented. The conference revolved around the topic of ‘identity’ and ‘identification’, which, in the contributions, is explored in various cultural products across a wide range of social and national contexts. Identity and identification processes are examined as interrelated with other social and cultural dimensions. Readings echo a multiplicity of theoretical approaches, the number of issues contemplated being representative of the relevance of identity and identification processes as crucial analytical perspectives for cultural studies today.

Título: Identity and identification: Proceedings of The 14th International ‘Culture and Power’ Conference Nº de páginas: 240
Autor: Ángel Mateos-Aparicio Martín-Albo y Eduardo de Gregorio Godeo Encuadernación: Rústica
Precio sin IVA: 14,42 € Medidas: Alto: 240 mm. Ancho: 170 mm.
Precio con IVA: 15,00 € ISBN:978-84-9044-272-2
Editorial: Ediciones de la Universidad de la UCLM Idioma: Inglés
Año de Publicación: 2017 Materia: Identidad cultural, congresos y asambleas
Formato: Impreso – Digital Colección: Estudios, 160

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Acknowledgements. 13-14 pp.

Preface. 15-18 pp.

Negotiating boundaries of a genre and of a dual identity in maxine Hong Kingston`s The Woman Warrior. 19-26 pp.

The relationship between power and perception of identity: the case of the Italian Mafioso. 27-34 pp.

Religion and tradition: renewal cultural identity in Serbia. 35-44 pp.
Cultural imperialism and identity in Alice Walker´s Possesing the Secret of Joy. 45-56 pp.

Concepts of identity in Alice Walker`s The color Purple. 57-66 pp.

Little England or multucultural Britain? Postimperialism, globalization and national identity crisis. 67-74 pp.

Visual anthropological aspects of identity studies. 75-80 pp.

Identities costruction among nurses in a Brazilian public university: gender and other marks of difference. 81-88 pp.

Gender, sexuality and the emergence of identities among university pharmacy students. 89-98 pp.

Being different differently: the tourism discourse of Spain`s Junta de Extremadura. 97-110 pp.

Denationalising identity: on non-Muslim minorities in urban Turkey. 111-120 pp.

Race: the colour of belonging-a comparative analysis of Meera Syal`s Anita and Me and Ravinder Randhawa`s A Wicked Old Woman. 121-128 pp.

Re-reading Angela Carter`s The Snow Child from a post-colonial point of view. 129-134 pp.

Life in the UK: a user´s manual?. 135-144 pp.

Un asesino sobre el escenario: skinheads in the Spanish Stage. 145-156 pp.

´Hysterizing` 30 years of aids: identity of people living with HIV/AIDS(PLWHAs). 157-166 pp.

´I and not Yet I`: identity and performativity in postdramatic theatre. 167-178 pp.

The identity of the refugees in today`s Italian anti-immigration era. 179-186 pp.

Identities in the Latvian picaresque novel. 187-196 pp.

Museum identities through the history of education: Slovenia school Museum in Ljubljana. 197-206 pp.

Identity formation through participation in social activities. 207-214 pp.

The ties that bond, the bonds that break: The Joy Luck Club as a cross-cultural examinatios of diasporic identity. 215-222 pp.

Referent identification in newspaper discourse on the YPF takeover by Repsol. 223-236 pp.

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